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Showstopper Magazine is America’s #1 teen dance magazine! First released in February 2017, Showstopper Magazine is already taking the nation by storm with availability in hundreds of stores across the country. Our magazine is filled to the brim with fabulous content, featuring our Sparkle Society members and major influencers in the dance community. We love to talk about dance (of course), the latest fashion trends, life-changing advice, and will never disappoint with interviews from your favorite dancers. Our cover girls have already included JoJo Siwa, Selena Gomez, Zendya, and on our Summer 2018 issue (former Showstopper girl) Beyoncé! We have 2 editions of our magazine each year, Spring and Summer. We release a new magazine at the start of our Regionals competition season and at the start of our Finals competition season.



We try to celebrate something different with each magazine. Our first Showstopper Magazine Edition from Spring 2017 had a theme around finding your inner sparkle. Our Summer 2017 edition was our “Do Good Edition”, making a world of difference. Our latest edition of Spring 2018, was about seeing the beauty in your reel, not judging your behind the scenes to someone else’s highlight reel. We will always bring you new content from today’s most talked about and influential dancers. Each edition’s content is evergreen, so though you might want to grab the newest issue, each one contains something you can’t miss reading.



Each magazine is packed with inspiring young dancers and influencers from around the world. We call these fabulous people our Sparkle Society. The Sparkle Society was created by Showstopper as a way to bring together dancers from many different backgrounds and different places in their lives, to tell their stories, share their passion for dance, and inspire others to do the same. Our members are people who influence the dance market through media. They have created successful platforms that focus on encouraging dance and promoting the dance industry.  They promote positive dance awareness through their individual platforms.

Want to be considered for our Sparkle Society? Fill out the application here!



Showstopper Magazine is full of QR codes. Those codes lead to exclusive interviews with your favorite Sparkle Society members, behind the scenes videos, useful Showstopper links, and more! Don’t forget to download the Showstopper App so you can use the QR scanner. You can’t technically put a video in a magazine, but Showstopper Magazine does have YouTube videos. If you follow the links and QR codes in the magazine, you will end up on our YouTube channel where you will find inclusive interviews and videos! In each magazine, you will also find quizzes and horoscopes to obsess over and share with your friends!



Dying to get your hands on a copy? Showstopper can be found all across the nation. We are in EVERY Barnes and Nobles, you can find the one closest to you here! Going to be traveling soon? You can also pick up a copy at Hudson News in airports all across the country. Of course, you can also purchase any edition of our magazine online. Click here to order your copy today! We also have our newest editions available at each of our competitions!





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