Showstopper 2021 All-Star Dancers

Showstopper's All-Star dancers represent the top dancers in the nation and are invited to perform in the iconic opening number at our 2021 National Finals. The opening number will be performed LIVE on the last day of each of our National Finals events for a packed audience and streamed online for hundreds of thousands of viewers at home. As part of the opening number, dancers have the opportunity to join forces with dancers from around the world and learn from prestigious choreographers to produce one spectacular performance.

The top 4 scoring soloists from each of our Regional Competitions in the Junior, Teen and Senior Competitive Division are Showstopper All-Stars and are invited to perform in the opening number at our 2021 National Finals. If a Regional Competition has over 900 entries the top 6 scoring soloists are invited, if over 2000 entries the top 8 scoring soloists are invited, and if over 2500 entries the top 10 scoring soloists are invited.




2021 Official All-Star Form: (only fill out if you meet the requirements below)

• If you were a top competitive soloist from one of our 2021 Regionals competitions AND received an Opening Number letter during awards at the Regionals competition you attended
• If you were in last year's Opening Number
• If you have won a Crystal Award for a SOLO performance during the 2019 or 2020 seasons
• If you have already applied using the application above AND received an email that you were accepted

  • Dancer's Opening Number Costume
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


Ten days prior to the Finals date we will send important information regarding rehearsal times and locations to the email provided on your online submission form.

Rehearsals will be the 2 nights before the opening number performance. You may wear regular practice clothes for rehearsal. The first night will consist of learning each dancer's strengths. Please bring all dance shoes that you would like to dance in.

You must provide your own costume for the performance. The costume must be pink and/or black. Please submit a photo of your costume with your submission form for approval. This must be a costume -- bathing suits, dancewear, and everyday clothes are not permitted.

Questions? Please contact Debbie Roberts - cell: 843-267-3802 | email:
For technical support, please contact Richard Knox - email:
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