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Showstopper Magazine (Spring 2022)


Back 2 Dance Issue

Celebrate the spotlight and all things dance in our Back to Dance issue of Showstopper Magazine with cover star Olivia Rodrigo! In this issue, learn how to chase your dreams from Olivia’s endless inspirations and honesty about how she creates her work, join in her love of a good throwback, and check out her incredible fashion sense. Get an inside look at what it’s like to follow your dreams to the top and ask “What’s next?” as we explore Lakers Executive Assistant Octavia Ellion’s day-to-day. Catch up with Enola Bedard, Dani and Dannah, Gracyn French, Indi Star, Erin Reese, Layla Crawford, Nina Nicole Cockrell, Holden Maples, Tajzon, Priscilla Tom, Mila Burns, Kelly Sweeney, Dai Time, and the Couch sisters in exclusive interviews. PLUS! Check out quizzes, tackle your Broadway bucket list, and find out how your online dance classes give you a boost on stage.



Showstopper Magazine

The #1 teen dance magazine Showstopper Magazine is a biannual publication that features exclusive interviews with top young dancers, actors, singers, and influencers as well as and behind the scenes looks at everything from new music and movies to Broadway shows. Each themed issue spotlights positivity and dance with quizzes, feature articles, and more! PLUS! Meet incredible dancers from studios across the United States in our recurring Dancers Across America article.

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