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Showstopper Magazine (Summer 2020)


Dance Through the Decades, 100 years of Dance

We’re throwing it all the way back in Showstopper Magazine’s Dance Through The Decades issue. Find out what makes cover star Billie Eilish so relatable and how Julianne Hough stays on top of her fitness and wellness and catch up with Hayley LeBlanc, Gavin Magnus, Mollee Gray, The Rybka Twins, Eva Igo, Eliza Pryor, Corinne Joy, Kitana Turnbull, Gavin Magnus, Taylor Hatala, Faithe Herman, Ryan Buggle, and Pressley Hosbach in exclusive interviews. PLUS! Find out what decade you’re destined to dance in, create a dreamy new bedroom, and learn the history of our favorite color, PINK.



Showstopper Magazine

The #1 teen dance magazine Showstopper Magazine is a biannual publication that features exclusive interviews with top young dancers, actors, singers, and influencers as well as and behind the scenes looks at everything from new music and movies to Broadway shows. Each themed issue spotlights positivity and dance with quizzes, feature articles, and more! PLUS! Meet incredible dancers from studios across the United States in our recurring Dancers Across America article.

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