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06/23/17 Showstopper Dance @GoShowstopper

Wondering what we’re up to in Sandusky? Here’s a glimpse. Watch our Northern Finals via livestream!… https://t.co/esra0rwNWB


RT @kbizzzzlee: big show bound❤️ #giveempinnell @GoShowstopper https://t.co/SGre6FXSUC

06/22/17 Showstopper Dance @GoShowstopper

Which dance category is your favorite? 💃

06/22/17 Showstopper Dance @GoShowstopper

RT @hannah_justicee: everyone watching live on the national showstoppers stream heard me and my mom bet if i get top 3 i get a dog 😂 🙏🏻


RT @MindyWise: @thatonequeen These girls worked #pursefirst @GoShowstopper competition https://t.co/ThBEbD5w0H

06/20/17 Showstopper Dance @GoShowstopper

Get the scoop on all things Northern Finals with Taylor Quinn. From live streams to the championships, she has you… https://t.co/TxLvOgTJAK

06/16/17 Showstopper Dance @GoShowstopper

RT @TanyaTwalton: Sparkle Society Exclusive: The Pop Game’s Ashlund Jade https://t.co/TnLNpsZ59Z via @goshowstopper


RT @classactdanceco: #tbt to 2012 when Gabrielle’s tap trio placed top 3 overall at @GoShowstopper Nationals! #CACDC https://t.co/e3VYgCvQIW

06/14/17 Showstopper Dance @GoShowstopper

We are so excited! https://t.co/gxDBZvcnOX

06/13/17 Showstopper Dance @GoShowstopper

We are just a few days away from our first finals of 2017! Will we be seeing you there?


What’s in Tion Gaston’s dance bag? He has anything he could possibly need for a successful dance class! https://t.co/3IkhPflkRD

06/12/17 Showstopper Dance @GoShowstopper

RT @classactdanceco: We had such a great time at the @GoShowstopper regionals. Now we get to participate at their nationals in 14 days! #Mo…


RT @Rockettes: 💪 #MondayMotivation https://t.co/XR3wtJzeZ1

06/07/17 Showstopper Dance @GoShowstopper

Have you ever been to a Showstopper Convention?


#mondaymotivation Check out our article “6 Pieces of Advice from a Butterfly!” https://t.co/xLPCZDv9vk https://t.co/NKyFt8k7QM

06/01/17 Showstopper Dance @GoShowstopper

Conventions will be here before you know it! Make sure you get to Orlando, Wisconsin Dells, Sandusky, Grapevine, Ho… https://t.co/ethrlrEIyD


Have you looked at our 2018 schedule yet? Where will we see you? https://t.co/Cti6WDJ8KV

05/30/17 Showstopper Dance @GoShowstopper

RT @maggieedoty: After 7 years of doing solos, i finally competed my last one ever today 🙁 so glad i got to end on a good note at @GoShows…

05/30/17 Showstopper Dance @GoShowstopper

RT @Tinydancer_Anya: Wishing everyone a Magical Monday! <3 #anyainger #tinydanceranya #tinydancer #disney #disneyland #magic @GoShowstopper…


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