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Brooke Maroon

Brooke has lived in Los Angeles, California for 10 years working professionally as a dancer, choreographer, and actor. Brooke performed on stage with the Backstreet Boys during their residency in Las Vegas and in their Summer Radio Show and Winter Radio Show tours. She also performed at Coachella in 2023 with Elyanna. On screen, Brooke can be found as the lead actress in Thomas Rhett’s “Marry Me” and “Remember You Young” music videos, on shows like The Voice, Good Morning America, and The Late Late Show with James Corden. She is also in the Netflix musical A Week Away. From brands to trending artists, Brooke has worked with names such as Charlie Puth, Jason Derulo, Sephora, Nickelodeon, Jordan Fisher, James Corden, ZAYN, Galantis, Dylan Conriuque, Ruby Rose, and Becky G.

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