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The Showstopper competition experience you know and love is now also virtual! You will receive the complete experience with full stage setup, special merchandise, live award sessions, and personalized routine introductions. The Showstopper Virtual Dance Experience is open to anyone from around the globe, including independent dancers!

No matter where in the world you are, you can compete in as many of our virtual competitions that you choose!



  • All virtual events are streamed free online. 
  • These events are open to all dancers from across the globe. You can register with your studio or as an independent for this virtual experience only. (Even if you are not a competitive dancer you can still compete in our virtual event, click HERE to determine your competition level).
  • Film your routines at-home (or studio, beach, park, etc.) along with a custom introduction to your performance. 
  • All routines will be premiered live on stage with multi-camera shots, fog, lights, and custom backgrounds on a 40 ft. wide LED screen. 
  • Judges will record voice-critiques live as they watch from the audience. Those voice-critiques will be made available in your account after the competition. 
  • Award sessions will be live on stage with a host and video playbacks. 
    • Awards will be presented the same as a Showstopper Regional competition, with category awards (4 age divisions and 3 levels) and overall awards.
    • Routines will be scored based on our award scale – gold, platinum, double platinum, and crystal (crystal is only awarded at the competitive level).
  • Each routine will receive a medal shipped to your door. However, trophies and additional medals will be available for purchase.
  • Schedules will be released 5 days before the start of the event. Each dancer will receive a schedule with the exact performance times for their routines and their studio’s routines.
  • Studio Owners who enter 10+ routines for their studio will receive a complimentary VIP Celebration Gift Box mailed directly to you.
  • Dancer merchandise boxes packed with goodies from our Showstopper Store are available for purchase. Order early to have yours shipped in time for your competition viewing party! 
  • The virtual competition room will have interactive links and social media spotlight feeds to keep the world connected.
  • As always, performance videos will be available for purchase. Photos will not be available for purchase.
  • Some of the nation’s top dancers will perform in a new Opening Number that is unlike anything you have seen before.
  • $59 USD per routine (no matter the number of dancers)
  • Space is limited for each event
  • Dancers may enter any of the 4 scheduled virtual events



  • Routines can be registered through a studio or as independents.
  • Studios may register through the Teachers Express Lane. If you have never competed with Showstopper, request a Studio ID HERE to get started.
  • Independents may register by creating a My Showstopper account HERE.
  • Routines must still enter in the appropriate categories (jazz, lyrical, ballet, acro, etc.), age division (mini, junior, teen, senior), and level (performance, advanced, competitive). 
  • Record your routine from anywhere! This is your opportunity to be creative in a way you aren’t able to at a normal competition. You can record your routine with any costumes, props, backdrops, lights, etc. that you choose to enhance your routine! 
  • All routines must be recorded specifically for this event.  Like a normal competition, we want this performance to be fresh and perfected! Show us your best! Videos from previous competitions or events will not be accepted.
  • Participants now have the opportunity to include a personalized message with their performance. An introduction must be recorded for each routine and uploaded with the routine video(s). Introduction recordings cannot exceed 20 seconds.
  • Music must be uploaded separately along with your routine video.
  • Solos are limited to 2 per dancer. No limits on other routine entries. 
  • All other 2020 Regionals Rules and Regulations apply with the following exceptions: 
    • No limitations on props 
    • Independent entries are welcome
    • No cash or gift certificate awards 
    • Each routine will receive a medal mailed to the address provided during registration
  • Payments will be due 10 days prior.
  • Schedules will be released 5 days before the start of the event.



  • Routines can be recorded with any camera, phone, or device you choose that can capture high-quality video (Nikon, Sony, Canon, GoPro, iPhone Devices, Samsung Devices, etc.).
  • Videos MUST be filmed wide-framed, horizontal, landscape. NO VERTICAL, TALL VIDEOS.
  • While filming, cameras must be held still at a wide-angle. Do not move the camera or make adjustments to capture dancers while they are moving. Tripods are recommended.
  • Videos may be recorded in any setting, with any props, costumes, etc.
  • Make sure your video has good lighting and clearly showcases the dancers.
  • The music must be LOUD and clearly heard in the recording of your video. We recommend holding your speaker directly next to your phone or camera. 
  • Routine Time Limits: 
    • Solo & Duet/Trio entries: three minutes (3:00)  
    • Small-Group, Large Group & Super Group entries: four minutes (4:00)
    • Production category entries: eight minutes (8:00)
  • Introduction Time Limit: 20 seconds 



  • Studios may register through the Teachers Express Lane. If you have never competed with Showstopper, request a Studio ID HERE to get started.
  • Independents may register by creating a My Showstopper account HERE.
  • Once you are in our registration portal, please follow the steps labeled Virtual Competition.
    • First, click DANCERS. You must enter each dancer and their birthday if they are not already in our system.
    • Second, click REGISTER. You must enter each routine.
    • Select the type of routine, level, and category. Then, select the dancers participating in that routine, click next. When finished reviewing that routine click submit. If you have multiple routines you must enter each of them separately.
    • After entering each routine you will have the option to purchase dancer gift boxes if you would like to receive them prior to the start of the live event. 
    • Third, once you are done submitting all routines you will then UPLOAD VIDEOS/MUSIC of each registered routine. Videos are not required to be uploaded at the time of registration. All video uploads and music must be submitted by the submission deadline for that event.


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